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Fall Camping

We are going to keep some sites open till we are rained out BUT it will be on a reservation only basis you will need to call or email for a gate code. Fall harvest is here in abundance. We need to get busy with the processing of apples, etc.  And Keith & Konnie are hanging the “Gone Riding” sign, as of Sept 29, 2014.

A great 4th

A good time had by all.



Good News for the 4th

Good News 2 sites have come open for the 4th of July. Won’t last long.

July 4, 2014

We are full for July 4, 2014.

Beach Weather

Now this is beach weather in fact it is considered HOT here on the coast.


Reservation Deposit

Please note on your “Reservation conformation” there is a note of DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID TO HOLD SITE this is especially important on the July 4th  holiday week as we will be full at least a week before the vacations for that time period start.


Campers don’t forget your Mosquito stuff. Even though it has been dryer than normal we seem to have a healthy crop of the little buggers.

Horse Back Riding

It has come to our attention that a local phone book has erroneously printed the advertisement that we offer Rental horse back riding. We apologize for this confusion. But as stated this is an error that we in fact had nothing to do with. We are a Horse boarding/training facility And a Horse campground / Horse Motel. In other words a “Bring your own horse” facility.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope to see you on the trail.

Maybe 1 more quick trip to the coast

OK it is Oct 1, 2012 time to close for the winter. The weather is now the best we have had all summer. So by popular demand we will be keeping a few camp sites open til the rain starts. But you will need to call or email for a gate code as we still need to get on with getting the ranch ready for winter, this means we cannot be around the office at any kind of regular basis and the gate needs to be closed when we are out back fixing fence or away from the property visiting our kids. :) :)