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We hear the local fishermen are bringing in “tuna” and there is now fresh tuna available down at the Harbor.

Equine Dentist

Our equine dentist will be here July 20, 2014, at 9:A.M. – til done.

His rate this year is $210 each.

Open April 11, 2014

A mild winter and beutiful spring have allowed us to get into the campsites early this year we will be putting the “Camping Sign” out this Friday.

See you soon.

New “Elk” fence

We think this is working, no elk so far. 
6,000′ of fencing just under 9′ high

Flagging is a critical part of the fence. If this does not work we will be opening the ranch up for Elk hunting season in Sept,

Spring Fever

The weather here has been just superb, sunny 60*, grass is growing and we are getting spring fever, if it holds we will be opening the high ground campsites early. Hope to see you soon.

Winter projects

See both mustang training and Grace’s rescue under stables. These are 2 of this winters projects. Along with new fencing on the paddocks and increased height of exterior fencing between 6′.5″ and 8′ some with bells woven into it. This to keep the elk and their entourage of wolves and mountain lions out. Will also serve to keep the bears and other RIF RAF out of the campground.

Poultry & Lamb

Sorry to our lamb and egg customers. The coyotes & dogs won. For the time being we have given up on these guys til we can better secure our fences and keep them from being eaten by coyotes and ravaged by neighbor dogs. Will repost them when we can try again.

See you in the spring.

The rain has finally got us. It has turned to mud in the camping area, and the fire pits are under water, so the tent camping is done for the year. Hope to see you in the spring. Have a good winter.

Labor Day

Sorry we are completely full for labor day, from 8/28-9/3/12 we cannot accept any more reservations, for these dates.

Horse Campers

General information for horse campers. We have noticed a trend of campers coming along that “thought” they had their plans all made, only to find that the camp they planed on was a -pack in camp- not a -drive into camp-. Most State, Federal and County camps that are horse friendly are -pack in camps- sometimes several miles in and you need a permit to camp there.