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Spring Fever

Do believe we all have a serious case of spring fever. This past winter (still ongoing) seems to have been a reminder to be careful of what you ask for. We were all begging for rain and we have sure gotten it. We are hopeful we will make our May 1st open with at least a few sites, for sure by the first weekend in May 5,6,7 hopeful. Will post here if it looks like we are not going to make it. It must be dry enough to not get stuck, as that is just not fun for anyone.


In general, there are not specific restrictions on bringing hay into California; however, it must be free from noxious weeds and insect pests and is subject to inspection upon arrival at our border stations. If bringing hay, be sure it is loaded so the outer surface of the bales can be easily seen. Most hay passes inspection, but occasionally pests are found and the shipment is rejected. In this event, you may need to return the hay out-of-state if it cannot be easily disposed of at the station.

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Camp sites

All of our sites have

Picnic Table & Fire Pit.

Automatic Gate

Due to the gate being forced open the swing arm is broken and the gate is no longer “automatic”. It will be manual and no codes will work til the repairs are done. Sorry for any inconvenience.

See you in the Spring

                                                 We are heading out  “Gone Riding”   

                                                   See you all some time in May 2015

Gate closing before 10PM

We have noticed it is getting dark earlier and earlier, fall is in the air. We are still open but closing the gate “shortly” after dark. No one wants to put up a tent in the dark anyway. IF you need to come in later PLEASE GIVE US A CALL (707)464-4434 and make gate access arrangements.


We are just winding up a super wonderful Labor Day Weekend. While ALL of our actual campers are superb we have had a “plague” of inconsiderate, selfish people who make reservations and then don’t show up, not even considerate enough to cancel. Which means 2 things 1st the obvious financial hit to us but the one that really makes us mad is that we have turned someone else away who did not get to have a camping vacation, because of the rude people. So to stop this we are going to be much more diligent about “funded” deposits. A campsite WILL NOT be held if the first night is not fully paid for, from this point on. For those of you who already have reservations for 2015 I will post here in about April 2015 “it is time” to start securing your sites with a deposit, will also try to verify with phone and email to make sure everyone has a successful, and pleasant vacation. So please make sure to grab the RSS feed or at least make sure we have current and accurate contact information. Thank you

The Orman’s


Our “Elk” fence seems to be working and the weather has been great, So all indications are we will be open all the way through the season this year and weather depending maybe a ways into Oct 2014.

zzzzzzzzzzzz for winter

We have had a few looking to come camping as the weather this Oct 2013 really has been beautiful. Sorry but it is just to much work to reopen at this time we will be reopened and back to work in May 2014 (This is the one that is weather dependent) It must stop raining long enough for the ground to dry out enough that you will not get stuck.

Closing early due to Elk

Sorry we have had to close tent camping early this year. The Elk have take over the ranch and are in full rut.

After the goring death of a yearling steer we have decided to play it safe and not remain open for the last month of our normal summer season (Sept 2013) Thank you to all of this years campers we had a great summer. Looking forward to seeing all of you again next summer. We will fix the fence over the winter to be sure everyone is safe. Building a “Elk” fence.