We are just winding up a super wonderful Labor Day Weekend. While ALL of our actual campers are superb we have had a “plague” of inconsiderate, selfish people who make reservations and then don’t show up, not even considerate enough to cancel. Which means 2 things 1st the obvious financial hit to us but the one that really makes us mad is that we have turned someone else away who did not get to have a camping vacation, because of the rude people. So to stop this we are going to be much more diligent about “funded” deposits. A campsite WILL NOT be held if the first night is not fully paid for, from this point on. For those of you who already have reservations for 2015 I will post here in about April 2015 “it is time” to start securing your sites with a deposit, will also try to verify with phone and email to make sure everyone has a successful, and pleasant vacation. So please make sure to grab the RSS feed or at least make sure we have current and accurate contact information. Thank you

The Orman’s


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