Happy, Healthy piglets & sows.

Our pigs live in the pasture and once the babies are big enough will move back out.

Pigs are natural foragers and, like their wild sisters and brothers, thrive in brushy, woodland areas. This is the way pigs are meant to be raised. Healthy pasture comes with valuable human health benefits: far less water pollution, less smell, better soil, and much better air quality. Seeing happy and healthy pigs on pasture means we can be proud of where our food comes from, too. Pigs can forage in underutilized areas of our place, improve the land. Hogs will literally pig out on roots, tubers, brush, worms, mushrooms, mice, nuts, and crop debris. Plus, well-managed pasture is two to three times cheaper to maintain and requires less labor.

Sorry you will not be able to see the pigs, they had to leave. To many people getting into pen. Way to dangerous to allow to continue.