Mustang Training (this page begins at the bottom and works up)

On the beach first view of the ocean. Water puddles, dog no problem.Ginger graduates both of her actual owners enjoy 1st ride 4/28/13The trailer is no big deal in and out nearly every day this from a girl that had this very heavy old 3 horse slant “bouncing” on her first trailer ride home less than a year ago.

Nice end to 1st ride

Saddled and comfortable

onto feet

and backwards

Gates – very scary, now we can walk nicely


Happy to follow.

Giving to pressure- end of day 3

Halter put on by BLM coming off

My first touch

Ginger’s first touch-day 2

contact with halter

Getting acquainted 6/24/12. This is a 2009 Mustang caught 10/22/11, Washoe NV