Grace’s rescue

This girl is Legacy of Grace a 15 year old Arabian Mare, Daughter of  “Legacy of Gold” 1/2 sister to “Fire and Ice” She  has fallen on hard times.  She will return to her original Grace, with a lot of  love, groceries, time and patience.

Weight approx 759lbs, this is extremely under weight, 6″ trimmed off of her back feet & 4″ off the front, The dentist said “her teeth are like caulk”. Her first 4 days with us plus water, worming and as much hay as we can get her to eat. While she was real interested in the water drank enough for 1 horse a 2 day supply the first 24 hours. She really is not interested in food,  guess she has forgotten.

Some days we have the appearance of rib cover. But still a very long ways to go. She is feeling better though.  To get her to eat we have given her the run of the ranch she is starting to focus on pasture grass as eating becomes important again.

Below – Here 5 months. She has remembered food  gets all the hay she can eat, is also out on pasture and finally we can give her small amounts of grain with a complete vitamin/mineral in it.  Strength is also returning and we are starting to exercise her.

3/11/13 Grace is starting to fill in along the top-line, hip & rump.

She has a curious wet spot on her left hip with the smallest of exercise, she tells us it is sensitive but we can find nothing wrong. We figured out the wet spot was a infection and gave her a round of antibiotics. What a difference!!!! She is almost up to weight and what a personality. Grace believes the only reason anyone would come out is to visit her and has no patience for the other horses getting “her” attention. She is being put to work and is a absolutely wonderful ride.  Approx 7 months from near death to complete rehabilitation. 4/18/2013

Grace you have come

a long way baby

This pic (below) was taken

after a nice ride

May 2014