Open-May 5, 2017

Apple trees in full bloom signal spring is finally here.

This is the view on way to open sites on the north side of ranch.

Rain delaying 2017 Opening

We are trying to make our May 1st opening, but it is not looking good. With 1 week to go it is still raining. We need at least a week to get the roads ready.
Tried to rush it and got stuck. Do not want the same for any of our guests. At this point we are only HOPING the 1st weekend in May. If we can get out and work the area we will be able to make it by Friday, May 5th.

The Orman’s

Spring Fever

Do believe we all have a serious case of spring fever. This past winter (still ongoing) seems to have been a reminder to be careful of what you ask for. We were all begging for rain and we have sure gotten it. We are hopeful we will make our May 1st open with at least a few sites, for sure by the first weekend in May 5,6,7 hopeful. Will post here if it looks like we are not going to make it. It must be dry enough to not get stuck, as that is just not fun for anyone.

New email

Please use to contact us and / or make reservations.

Thank you!
The Ormans

Winter 2016 Closed

Another BIG thank you, to the best campers in the world. The rain is arriving right on schedule and we are going into hibernation. See you in the spring weather permitting May 1, 2017.

FULL for Labor Day Weekend

We are full for Labor day weekend 9/2-5/16. Both campers and horses.

1:00 P. M. CHECK-IN

Sorry folks we have resisted this for years. But the arrivals are getting earlier & earlier. So here we go


No check-in Before 1:00 P.M.

Check-out 12:00

Reservations Recomended

A very big thank you to all of our campers. We are having a great summer, so much so that some of the relaxed come when you want with no planning is becoming risky. Our weekends have been consistently FULL and even some week nights. So please call ahead and reserve your site. If you plan on arriving before noon you may need to rent the sight the night before, or understand someone else needs time to enjoy their morning.


In general, there are not specific restrictions on bringing hay into California; however, it must be free from noxious weeds and insect pests and is subject to inspection upon arrival at our border stations. If bringing hay, be sure it is loaded so the outer surface of the bales can be easily seen. Most hay passes inspection, but occasionally pests are found and the shipment is rejected. In this event, you may need to return the hay out-of-state if it cannot be easily disposed of at the station.

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re-posted 7/10/16



Sorry Nothing left till 7/4/16