July 4, 2015

We are completely FULL for the 3rd &  4th of July. Have availability on either side the 2nd or 5th but not on the 3rd or 4th. We are at this point using a “waiting” list so please check your schedule and make sure you are keeping your reservation or not. If not let us know there are others that are praying for an opening.

Our “availability” does not work for 2-5 or 2-6 you see the 3rd & 4th are in the middle. no where to put you in the middle of your stay.


The Orman’s

Camp sites

All of our sites have

Picnic Table & Fire Pit.

Where will my horse stay?

A birds eye view of the paddocks from the North end of the camp ground. 

2015 Open Early

Due to absolutely fabulous weather

we have been able to get a

few sites open now

and are planing a full open by

April 15.

See you soon.

What is winter like on the ranch?

Beautiful shots of the ranch in winter. All the water will recede very fast but while it is here it makes for some great shots. This is in-between back to back storms. 

New babies

This years new babies. The cow is our oldest girl we call her 30. The babies were born between 1/2/15 & 2/1/15. One is her’s the other 2 are her grandchildren.

Automatic Gate

Due to the gate being forced open the swing arm is broken and the gate is no longer “automatic”. It will be manual and no codes will work til the repairs are done. Sorry for any inconvenience.

See you in the Spring

                                                 We are heading out  ”Gone Riding”   

                                                   See you all some time in May 2015

Fall Camping

We are going to keep some sites open till we are rained out BUT it will be on a reservation only basis you will need to call or email for a gate code. Fall harvest is here in abundance. We need to get busy with the processing of apples, etc.  And Keith & Konnie are hanging the “Gone Riding” sign, as of Sept 29, 2014.

Gate closing before 10PM

We have noticed it is getting dark earlier and earlier, fall is in the air. We are still open but closing the gate “shortly” after dark. No one wants to put up a tent in the dark anyway. IF you need to come in later PLEASE GIVE US A CALL (707)464-4434 and make gate access arrangements.