In general, there are not specific restrictions on bringing hay into California; however, it must be free from noxious weeds and insect pests and is subject to inspection upon arrival at our border stations. If bringing hay, be sure it is loaded so the outer surface of the bales can be easily seen. Most hay passes inspection, but occasionally pests are found and the shipment is rejected. In this event, you may need to return the hay out-of-state if it cannot be easily disposed of at the station.

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re-posted 7/10/16



Sorry Nothing left till 7/4/16


We have had several last minute reservation cancellations that have opened sites for the upcoming July 1-4 weekend.

Sites are all claimed for July 1-4, 2016

We are completely reserved for July 1-4, 2016. We are working on a “waiting list” at this point. Last year we were able to accommodate everyone we were able to reach on our waiting list. So if you are interested in being on the list please give information that we can definitely reach you at.

Horse Camping

Open for 2016 Camping season

It is official the welcome sign went out today, We are open for 2016 Camping Season. See you all soon.

Gate Opens about 8: am and Closes About dark. 7 days a week. The office is closed Sunday morning till 12:30 pm


Spring Fever

Spring is here and the drying winds, plus our normal spring maintenance will soon be taking us

                                                                                                                                                       From this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>to this

Camping is closed for 2015

We have gone into hibernation till spring 2016

Sept 2015

We had a absolutely awesome start to Sept. Labor day weekend was a great time had

by all. We are now moving through Sept and to the end of the season. We will still

have sites open til Oct 1 then Keith & Konnie go into hibernation. Remember the gate  is now closing at 9:pm.



Labor Day Weekend – Full

We are completely full could not fit a flea for the Labor day weekend.