Winter projects

See both mustang training and Grace’s rescue under stables. These are 2 of this winters projects. Along with new fencing on the paddocks and increased height of exterior fencing between 6′.5″ and 8′ some with bells woven into it. This to keep the elk and their entourage of wolves and mountain lions out. Will also serve to keep the bears and other RIF RAF out of the campground.

Poultry & Lamb

Sorry to our lamb and egg customers. The coyotes & dogs won. For the time being we have given up on these guys til we can better secure our fences and keep them from being eaten by coyotes and ravaged by neighbor dogs. Will repost them when we can try again.

See you in the spring.

The rain has finally got us. It has turned to mud in the camping area, and the fire pits are under water, so the tent camping is done for the year. Hope to see you in the spring. Have a good winter.

Maybe 1 more quick trip to the coast

OK it is Oct 1, 2012 time to close for the winter. The weather is now the best we have had all summer. So by popular demand we will be keeping a few camp sites open til the rain starts. But you will need to call or email for a gate code as we still need to get on with getting the ranch ready for winter, this means we cannot be around the office at any kind of regular basis and the gate needs to be closed when we are out back fixing fence or away from the property visiting our kids. :) :)

Thank You

To all of our wonderful campers. Thank you for the best summer yet. We are still open til Oct 1st as long as the weather holds that is. Limited sites and diminished mental capacity though. :)

Labor Day

Sorry we are completely full for labor day, from 8/28-9/3/12 we cannot accept any more reservations, for these dates.

Office hours

We are trying something new actual office hours. 2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. This is when most campers actually arrive. This also allows us the necessary time for cleaning, etc. Phone reservations and information are much more efficient done during this time.

Horse Campers

General information for horse campers. We have noticed a trend of campers coming along that “thought” they had their plans all made, only to find that the camp they planed on was a -pack in camp- not a -drive into camp-. Most State, Federal and County camps that are horse friendly are -pack in camps- sometimes several miles in and you need a permit to camp there.

Don’t forget….

For the convenience our our guests, we added a page with a check list of things to pack. We want your stay to be the best vacation. Check it out the “Pack Right” page under the Camping section.


We hear the Salmon are real close to the harbor.